Resources for Coaches, Athletic Trainers & Officials


From the National Federation of State High School Associations

NFHSLearn, a resource for coaches, parents, students, administrators and officials, offers 40 online training courses on topics ranging from first aid to study habits.

nfhs learn


Youth Sports Safety Alliance

Organizations committed to the prevention of catastrophic injuries and death in young athletes.


Pink Concussions

Pink Concussions raises awareness and creates resources for females suffering from concussions via sport, domestic violence, accidents or military service.

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10 Questions to Ask Your Youth Sports Org



Play Smart. Play Hard.

Program developed by the Illinois High School Association.

Are you ready to take the pledge to Play Smart and Play Hard?


C3 Logix

A Complete Concussion Management System.
For Athletic Trainers. Doctors. Parents & Coaches.

C3 Logix provides a mechanism to unite ATCs, MDs, PTs, Researchers and Parents & Coaches in collection of common outcomes following concussion.


Safety Tag

Safety Tag provides a dynamic mobile platform to non-medically trained volunteer coaches who face numerous daily challenges. Using their smartphone, coaches are equipped with player specific medical information and emergency action plans provided directly by parents.
How Safety Tag Works

The core of Safety Tag is an updatable communication platform between coaches, parents, and league administrators for real-time incident reporting and emergency response plans. Player information is stored in Safety Tag’s highly secured network and is only accessible by the coaches and administrators directly responsible for the player.


Concussion Resources

Connect with some of the leading sources of concussion information.


The downloadable charts and forms are ideal resources for coaches, athletic trainers and parents. Make sure your team and players know the signs and basic treatment protocols.
Here’s an introduction to understanding concussion from Dr. Mike Evans. This engaging animated video quickly and concisely explains the basics of concussions, making it ideal for students and parents.